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Zeh Ally? A Mispronunciation

There is a Mitzva from the Torah to assimilate the attributes of Hashem. Just as Hashem is compassionate so too should we be compssionate etc. etc. Among other sources we derive this from a pasuk in this weeks parsha "zeh keli vanvehu" - a pasuk sung during "az yashir".

The question is why specifically during the splitting of the sea did the Jews learn that we must adapt Divine Attributes? It could have been taught at any other time. There must be some connection between the event and the Mitzva.

I saw one of the most remarkable articles in my life on this question in the Pachad Yitzchak - Pessach ch. 56. See there and enjoy!!!!!!

could there be a connection to the medrash (along the lines) of HKBH saying 'my creations are being destroyed and you sing praises?!'

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