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How Come There Are No Women Named Imma

This week we read the Ten Commandments. It has already been pointed out that they are not called the Ten Suggestions. Sooooooooo not liberal.

Anyway let's "take the fifth". Honor thy father and mother. The Halacha is that one is not allowed to call their parents by name. What is the Halacha if ones fathers name is "Abba". Can he be called Abba? [Or if ones Bubby is named Bobby]

What do you think.

Wouldn't "the Ten Utterances" be a more accurate translation?

aruch hashulchan Siman resh-mem Seif tet-vav. settling some issues that pop up regarding calling your father by the name "abba" which seems not proper...(see ad loc. for good examples)

when saying your fathers name you should always say "Abba ploni - my father so and so" unless its a dvar halacha you heard form him then u say "abba Mari - my father my teacher"

i see no problem refering to your fatehr as "abba/avi Abba" though it might sound weird at 1st but those who are familiar with the proper halachot will understand.

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