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I Am Rich! I Must Be Righteous Too

Sometimes a person is going on a certain path in life and things are going his way. He takes this as an indication that Hashem is on his side. This is a critical error!!
Hashem will often lead a person on the path that the person himself wants to follow even if it not the correct path [Makkos 10].

Example: Eliyahu decreed that there should be a drought. Hashem didn't agree with him but still helped him hide from Achav who was searching for him [see Sanhedrin 113].

Another example: Hashem made miracles in order to prove that Rebbe Eliezer was correct in his argument with the Rabbis yet we are told to ignore such miracles and follow the majority [Bava Metzia 59].

The lesson is that we should do what is right and not assume that Hashem is on our side just because we are successful.

[Tzidkas Hatzaddik 64]

what about the converse?

If I may add a comment-

I think that it is important to distinguish between one who thinks he is doing what is right and one who knows he is not. For the latter I would assuredly agree that he is simply turning a blind eye to possible consequences due to the hypnosis of his successes. For the former, however, I am inclined to disagree. While we indeed all do sin as קהלת so beautifully puts it, and we can always be תולה on ביטול תורה as ברכות so concisely puts it, at the same time if we are attempting to do things as best as we can and are successful there is no reason to think that it is a manifestation of להשמדם עדי עד.

Haha, Rabbi I literally JUST learned that daf in Makot! Wow that was fun...

AYYYYYYY rabbi what about the ramban at the beginning of baba basrah that discusses how where the bricks fell is where hashem wanted them to fall? and how a rich person is rich because Hashem wanted him to be rich(obviously, but thats no reason to assume that his ways are ways of pleasantness and all his paths are peace)

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