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Getting Hooked

Recently I heard that a radio station ran a water drinking contest. The prize - a video game. One of the participants drank to much water and tragically died.

I learn two things from this. One: Water is very good for you. But too much of any good [physical] thing is unhealthy. Two: People are BORED!! Otherwise how would they have time for such contests.

The Torah says that the "mon" was a test. The test was - explains the Chovos Halevavos - what are they going to do with all of their free time! They don't have to work - NOW WHAT?

That is an acute problem today. People have too much free time. That is one of the reasons for all of the drugs, alcohol, gambling, and myriads of other problems that afflict not only the Gentiles but also those who all too often mimic their ways - US.

The answer - get hooked on drugs.

The Gemara calls Torah a drug. It is addictive and boy can it give you a high!! But it takes hard work to get addicted. But it is worth it- for it is the greatest drug of all. A "sam hachaim" - an elixir of life. Fulfilling, meaningful and eternal!!

And free. The best things in life are free.

Obviously. That's what makes the הפקר pile not just great but phenomenal.

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