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Biblically Non Sequitur

There is a seemingly strange pasuk in this weeks parsha. At the end of the Parsha Moshe raises his hands to pray for the Jews. "Moshe's hands grew heavy, so they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it..." When his hands grew heavy he sat down?? His legs weren't tired - his hands were!! Why did he have to sit down. The Pasuk continues to relate that Aharon and Chur supported his hands - which makes a lot of sense. But why did he have to sit down?

Let's sit down and discuss this!

Before we get to speaking about sitting, please explain the whole hands thing - if he saw that they were winning when his hand was up and losing when his hand was down why did he ever lower his hand? And if he couldn't support it, why didn't אהרון and חור help out right away? And why does it only speak about ידו in that פסוק, while afterwards it's ידי משה and ידיו?

And, בכבוד הרב, it's non sequitur.

Goodness gracious Will

Where have you been?
I missed you!!

Thanks for the correction!

Your questions definitely require iyun.

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